Conduct while in the ChoicePond

Engaging in commerce on ChoicePond is just like anywhere else. All we ask is that you show the same courtesy, respect and professionalism as you would in any other business.

Please be aware that ChoicePond acts as only a 3rd party marketplace, created with the sole intent and purpose to connect our Choosers (users) to Choices (Professionals). ChoicePond is not responsible for enforcing any of the project details discussed between users and professionals nor can it be held liable for any particular faults/injuries/damage associated with the projects conducted. ChoicePond is purely intended for facilitation purposes between two consenting parties – Users and Professionals.

If you ever do experience abuse of any kind, fraud or other unprofessional behavior please let us know by contacting our agents at

For Our Choosers

We recommend that our users:

  • Completely discuss all the necessary details such as pricing, payment methods, scheduling and project specifics before awarding a project
  • Call and/or message the ChoicePro’s whenever necessary to get in touch with any questions and concerns regarding their project
  • Provide at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel. This is the professional “standard” when cancelling an appointment.
  • Leave feedback after a project is verified as complete in order to help everyone else know how your experience with the ChoicePro was.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to

For our Choices

We recommend that our professionals:

  • Respond to bids immediately within 24 hours in order to provide the optimal services to our Choosers, especially since they have expressed an interest in you
  • Thoroughly explain their pricing and rates for a particular project before finalizing so that there is no confusion for either party involved
  • Be clear about the form of payment they prefer to accept and detail any payment schedules they may choose
  • Understand that payment is to be worked out entirely between our Choosers and ChoicePros on their own and that ChoicePond is not responsible for payment collection
  • Ask questions if they are in need of clarification before providing any specific bid amounts and/or continue to communicate throughout the project duration if the need arises.
  • Immediately submit the project as complete within 24 hours of completion
  • Report any suspicious behavior to

We developed ChoicePond to be an enjoyable, friendly site where Users and Professionals can find each other and do business safely and efficiently. Your patronage is deeply appreciated and all we ask in return is that you follow these guidelines to make everyone’s experiences here the best they can be.

Services Offered Guidelines

All services or other sales are required to be within the confine of local, state, and federal law. If something is illegal in your region posting it on ChoicePond is prohibited.

The following will not be permitted to be listed on ChoicePond under any circumstances. Users who violate this agreement will be promptly banned.

  • Any solicitation of sex to include exchange of anything of value for any form of sexual contact.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products to include related paraphernalia (pipes, bongs, rolling papers), prescription drugs, or any other controlled substances that are prohibited.
  • Weapons or payment in exchange for illegal acts – this includes any provocation or encouraging of said acts either directly or indirectly
  • Animals to include pets or otherwise, plants, or insects which are regulated or prohibited for sale under local and federal regulation
  • All bodily fluid to include blood, semen, saliva, or other pieces/parts of the human body
  • All products under embargo
  • Any items which are intended to be used to commit a crime – fraudulent identification, burglary tools, explosives, or other controlled substances
  • Any tangible or non-tangible property that would infringe on any copyright or trademark laws which violate third party rights.
  • Fraudulent or counterfeit goods
  • Material of an obscene nature to include pornography, child pornography, or any objects which may be harmful to minors
  • Nonprescription drugs which lack concrete FDA approval
  • Any service or tangible goods that promote hate against any unique ethnic status
  • Any services which violate local or federal law/regulation to include but are not limited to solicitation of sex, acts to deprive others of property, or assault
  • Stocks, securities, or other investment options
  • Stolen Goods – ChoicePond does not condone nor will it tolerate fencing
  • Stolen property, or property with the serial number altered or defaced
  • Weapons to include but not limited to: Firearms, martial arts weapons, silencers, ammunition, stilettos/switchblades, pellet/bb guns, stun guns, tear gas, or the respective pieces of any and all weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Anything that can willfully or accidentally violate any local or federal law/regulation. To include the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

Please report any listings of the above contraband to